Why Central Air Conditioners Malfunction

A central air conditioner that makes loud rattling noises can be a nuisance in a house, especially when it is running during bedtime hours. Poor air circulation and a low level of coolness can also make using an air conditioner a frustrating experience for a homeowner. Using a system that is in such a condition is a bad idea when it comes to keeping energy bills low, as it can take a while to produce even a small amount of cool air. You can schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician to inspect all of the important system parts and explain how the problems can be resolved. Numerous repairs might be necessary for your central air conditioner to begin working properly again, which you will learn more about below.

Improving the Circulation of Air

The point of having an HVAC system is to heat or cool a house in a speedy manner, as there are usually several vents throughout a house. When air doesn't circulate properly, you might only feel air coming out of a few of the vents at a low pressure. There are certain HVAC system problems that can prevent air from circulating altogether. For example, a blower fan that doesn't work will lead to no air circulating through the system due to none being produced. In this case, a new blower fan will be needed. Or the system ducts might need to be deep cleaned professionally so air can pass through them.

Eliminating the System Noise

Rattling noise will often occur when a central air conditioning system has become old. However, even a new system can become noisy if a problem develops, such as if the blower fan has debris stuck on the blades. Fan blades that are damaged and bent can contribute to the rattling noise that your system has as well. Noise can also be the result of air passing through a ventilation system that consists of damaged metal ducts. Technicians are able to find the root cause of noise fast and eliminate it, unless you simply need a new air conditioner.

Obtaining Cold Air without a Long Wait

Waiting long for the HVAC system to produce cold air is not something that you should have to do. If you never get to enjoy the coldest temperature possible that your model of HVAC system is able to produce, find out if the system is low on coolant. You might also want to get the condenser coil inspected in case it isn't getting rid of the hot air in your house properly. 

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