What to Address When Your Heating Fails During Cold Nights

The late winter and spring weather may still be cold during the night where you live. Therefore, you are still going to need to have your heating during these times. The problem is that sometimes the wear from the long winter can cause your furnace to fail when you may need it the most. The following are some of the problems that will need to be addressed by furnace repair services when heating fails on cold nights:

Furnace Electrical Issues

The electrical systems of your furnace are often the first problems you need to look for when your heating stops working. These issues can be something as simple as a safety switch being tripped due to access panels not being secure. They may also be the main breaker of your HVAC system is tripped. In addition to common electrical problems, there may be problems with the capacitor or other electrical components that have gone bad on your furnace.

Thermocouple Failures

The thermocouple is an important safety feature of modern furnaces. These are the features that control the pilot light and burners of gas and oil furnaces. When the thermocouple is bad, it may cause the furnace to not turn on at all. The pilot light may not work at all if the thermocouple is bad. If your heating is not working, it may be that the thermocouple needs to be replaced.

Limit Switches and Furnace Blowers

The airflow of your furnace and heating system is important. Limit switches are parts of furnaces that control the airflow and the blower. When the limit switch is bad, it can cause the blower to run constantly, leading to more wear and damage to other components. This is also a problem that can cause you to have higher energy bills when you are using the heating less. Thus, you will want to have a furnace repair technician replace bad limit switches to ensure your furnace is working properly.

Ignition and Burner Problems

Your furnace uses a burner that provides heat to the exchanger. This is started with a pilot light or electric ignition system. When these components fail, they can cause various problems with your furnace. The issue may be due to the pilot light not working, or the ignition system is failing. Both of these issues will need to be repaired to ensure your heating is working as it should. In addition, the problem could be with the burner, which may need to be replaced when your heating is not providing enough heating for your home.

The furnace repairs you have done at the end of spring also help ensure your heating is ready for the next winter. Contact a furnace repair service to repair these issues to ensure your heating is still working on cold spring nights.