Removing The Mold From HVAC Systems To Improve Household Air Quality

HVAC ductwork can be an area where a lot of problems with air quality begin. The moisture that comes from problems like condensation forming inside the ducts can lead to more severe issues due to mold growth. Thus, you may need to have mold removal done to ensure you have healthy air quality in your home. The process of removing mold from HVAC ductwork to improve household air quality includes the following:

Inspecting and Identifying Mold in Ducts

Mold growth needs to be identified before it can be removed from the ducts. The ductwork of your HVAC will need to be inspected to find the mold. Once mold or mildew has been found inside the ductwork, the mold removal service can test it. Some molds like black mold are more hazardous than others, but they should all be cleaned from inside ducts.

Removing Filters and Vent Covers

Once the mold problem has been identified and tested, you will be able to prepare to have it removed. You can start by removing the air filter and throwing it away. The air filter will need to be replaced even if it looks new because it most likely contains mold spores. You will also want to remove vents for the mold removal service to be able to access the areas of ductwork where mold removal is needed.

Cleaning Mold Growth Inside Ductwork

The biggest task that needs to be done is cleaning the mold from inside the ductwork. Some ducts may have more concentrated mold problems than others, and there might be ducts that seem to be clean. The entire ductwork system should be cleaned thoroughly to remove all the mold spores and ensure the problem doesn't return. Special cleaners will be used to kill the spores, and then the ducts will be cleaned to ensure there are no residues left in the system.

Addressing Issues That Cause HVAC Mold

When mold has started to grow inside HVAC ducts, it can be a serious problem that spreads to other areas of your home. Therefore, the cause of mold growth should be addressed. With ducts, this is usually due to issues with poor insulation that causes condensation or problems with HVAC condensate lines. After the removal has been completed, these issues have to be addressed to prevent the problem from coming back.

The mold problems that start with HVAC ducts can be spread when you start using your AC this summer. Contact a mold removal service for help dealing with the problems that affect the air quality in your home.