Why You Should Keep Your Condenser Coils Clean

Your air conditioner is an intricate system made up of a number of different parts. Each of these parts are dependent on the other. An issue in one area can have an adverse effect in another. This is particularly true when it comes to the condenser coils. Keeping the condenser coils clean is an important maintenance task that should not be overlooked.

Why Coils are Important

Condenser coils are responsible for keeping the air that flows throughout your home, cool. The condenser coils are a tubular-like component that contain refrigerant, a chemical agent that helps cool the air. When the warm air from the outside first enters into your air conditioner, it passes over these condenser coils. The coils work by absorbing the heat from the air, making it cooler. When your condenser coils aren't clean, performing this process becomes a challenge.


The primary issue you will face when your condenser coils are dirty is that they won't be able to efficiently cool the air that passes over them. Instead of all the heat being absorbed into them, only some of the heat will be absorbed. On a hot summer day, you will find your home's temperature to be closer to the temperature outside, instead of being nice and cool.

Secondly, it can cause your bill to increase. When you adjust the thermostat on your system, the air conditioner continues to work until that particular temperature is achieved. When the coils aren't functioning correctly it can take considerably longer to increase the temperature inside your home. This means that your unit will stay on for longer periods of time, increasing your energy use.


The best way to avoid a problem with your condenser coils is to keep them clean. With regular use, dust, dirt and other debris can build up excessively over the coils. This debris serves as a barrier between the cool refrigerant and the warm air, making it harder to cool the air.

Committing to a regular annual cleaning schedule by a HVAC professional is most important. While some homeowners assume this is a task they can complete on their own, the coils are very delicate. One mistake could put a hole in the tubing, causing a leak and even more costly repairs.

Make certain you aren't contributing to a breakdown of your air conditioner by failing to keep the condenser coils clean. Allow a professional like Soco Air Conditioning to help you prevent this from being an issue in your home.