5 Tips For Cooling Down A House

Have you been unable to achieve a comfortable temperature inside of your house when it is hot? Cooling down a house can actually be done using several different techniques. For instance, making sure the HVAC system does not need maintenance is one of the most important things to do. Find out in this article about some of the ways you can enjoy cooler temperatures when you are at home. 1. Seal Up All of the Holes in Your House Read More 

How To Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Bill

It may seem difficult to save money on your air conditioning bill when the weather outside isn't exactly cooperating. When the temperature outside reaches upwards of 80 degrees, it's so simple to turn the temperature on the thermostat down to keep you cool. There are other ways to keep you cool throughout those hot summer months without touching that dial and it may actually save you a few bucks. See below for some helpful tips on how to keep you cool this summer and save money on your air conditioning bill. Read More 

Water-Source Heat Pumps For Energy Efficiency

A water-source heap pump has a heating element located at the source of the water, as opposed to an in-line heating element or other heating system. Although heating water is the main goal, it also assists in cooling water in other areas by extracting heat from the air and transferring it away as it performs its job elsewhere. There are a few benefits that come from the water source heat pump model, and a few facts about its energy efficiency can help you decide if it's the right heat pump design for you. Read More 

Got a Mansion That Needs Cooling? Three Options for HVAC Installation

Having a mansion means that you have a lot of house to heat and cool. Sometimes that means looking at alternative options for conserving energy and saving money. If you have a home that is well over several thousand square feet, here are a few residential HVAC services that can help you cool that massive castle of yours. Commercial Cooling Systems Commercial cooling systems are meant for office buildings and commercial applications, but when you own a home as big as the one you have, you may want to look at commercial cooling systems as an option. Read More 

3 Simple Steps To Doing Monthly Air Conditioning Maintenance And Avoiding Repairs

The summer heat can mean a lot of mechanical systems go through an endurance test. With the AC in your home, this can eventually lead to the cooling breaking down and you being uncomfortable. If you want to avoid many of the common summer AC problems, a good monthly maintenance routine can help you stay cool. Here are the basic steps to doing your AC maintenance on a monthly basis: Read More