Taking Care Of Your Furnace Between Seasons

Now that summer is right around the corner, furnaces will not need to be used for several months. This is the time to do your routine furnace repair and maintenance, as it will not disrupt usage and it will give you a chance to make any bigger repairs before you will need to use your heat again. Here are some routine maintenance steps you can take yourself in an attempt to get your furnace prepared for the next cold snap.

Take Safety Precautions

Turn off the power supply to your furnace before starting a routine maintenance session. This can be done at the control panel by switching the breaker for the furnace to the off position. If you have a power switch near the furnace itself, it can be done here instead.

The switch is usually red or black and will be on a wall next to your furnace. Put on gloves while working with the interior of your furnace to protect your hands from any debris.

Clean The Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is the part of your furnace where the fire is lit to start heating your home. This is located in the front of your furnace. Open the door to the chamber and use a small wire brush to scrape any burnt embers from the walls of the chamber. Use a shop vacuum to suck up all the debris from the combustion chamber floor. 

Check On The Flue

The flue is the passageway your heat travels through on its way from the furnace to the heating vents in your home. If there are any cracks or holes in the flue, your heat will not be forced out through the vents as effectively as it could be. These areas can be repaired by using foil tape to adhere over the crevices.

If the flue pipe has larger holes, replacing the entire flue is recommended.

Change Out The Air Filter

The air filter in your furnace helps to trap any small debris particles from being distributed throughout your home when the heat blows through the vents. It can even trap allergens or pet dander when you place a higher quality filter inside your furnace.

The filter needs to be changed before you start using your furnace again in the fall, otherwise dirt that has been trapped in all summer will still be present when you turn your furnace back on, causing air quality to be compromised. An air filter slides out of the slot and can be replaced by putting a new one in its place.