3 Simple Steps To Doing Monthly Air Conditioning Maintenance And Avoiding Repairs

The summer heat can mean a lot of mechanical systems go through an endurance test. With the AC in your home, this can eventually lead to the cooling breaking down and you being uncomfortable. If you want to avoid many of the common summer AC problems, a good monthly maintenance routine can help you stay cool. Here are the basic steps to doing your AC maintenance on a monthly basis:

1. Start With The Simple Task Of Changing The Air Filter

One of the biggest causes of air conditioner problems is the failure to change the air filter. During the hot summer months, you AC is working more, which also means that the air filter will need to be changed more often. Change the air filter once a month to ensure that your AC is free of dust and debris, as well as has good air flow. In addition, if you do not want to by disposable air filters, there are cleanable air filters that you can buy. If you use the reusable air filters, you may want to buy a few of them to make this maintenance task easier and be able to clean them better.

2. Reduce Energy Loss By Checking For Air Leaks And Damaged Ducts

Energy loss can also contribute to your AC problems. This can be due to things like air leaks in ducts, which during summer months can be caused by animals looking for cool shade. Check your ducts to make sure they do not need repairs. You will also want to check for air leaks in your home where air can be escaping. Once a month, do a DIY energy audit to find and address these problems. Addressing these issues can prevent your AC from constantly running and the extra wear that this causes.

3. Cool Evenings To Clean The Air Condensing Unit And Prevent Freezing

Outside of your home, the air condensing unit can also use some monthly maintenance. On a cool evening, turn the AC off and clean up the unit. This can be done by removing any debris in the unit and cleaning the coils with a mild detergent and garden hose. Doing this can prevent the coil from getting too dirty, which can eventually lead to freezing and serious AC damage. Once you have cleaned the unit, let it dry before turning the AC back on, which can be left off until the next morning on a cool night.

Doing the monthly maintenance to your AC can help prevent summertime AC problems. There may be some repairs and maintenance you need help with. You can contact an HVAC contractor to help you with your AC problems and talk with them about a maintenance service to ensure your AC is working at its best during the height of the summer heat. 

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