Got a Mansion That Needs Cooling? Three Options for HVAC Installation

Having a mansion means that you have a lot of house to heat and cool. Sometimes that means looking at alternative options for conserving energy and saving money. If you have a home that is well over several thousand square feet, here are a few residential HVAC services that can help you cool that massive castle of yours.

Commercial Cooling Systems

Commercial cooling systems are meant for office buildings and commercial applications, but when you own a home as big as the one you have, you may want to look at commercial cooling systems as an option. These oversized central air conditioners and forced air furnaces can make sure that no matter where you wander in your home, the temperature is the same. You will never have one part of your mansion hotter or cooler than the others. Since the installation process is pretty much the same, except for the fact that these much larger capacity units require more space outside and inside, nothing extra or extraordinary needs to be done to the construction of your home.

Multiple Residential Condensers to Cover Each Wing of Your Estate

Another option that owners of mansions choose (in order to avoid the eyesore of a commercial condenser on the property) is the installation of several average-sized condensers for air conditioning. These are placed in key areas outside of the home, where they appear rather normal hanging out in the bushes or flower beds. Each unit manages the cooling tasks for just that wing of your home. All of these condensers feed into one or more forced air furnaces, which also help heat the wings of your home in colder months. As an added bonus, you can turn each central air unit on or off, depending on how many bedrooms and common areas are currently in use, thereby decreasing energy consumption and operation costs.

Geothermal and Solar Options

Many people who can afford mansions and estates like yours often decide that they like the idea of geothermal or solar options for heating and cooling. These options remove the need for residential or commercial condensers entirely, and the furnaces become unnecessary. You may need to install a bigger heat pump to manage the geothermal system, but the nice thing about this option is that you do not see any of the usual condenser boxes all over the property. The solar heat-collection panels are a nice addition too, one which you can easily shut off by closing off the solar panels. Both options together make good choices for mansions and exceedingly large estates.

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