How To Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Bill

It may seem difficult to save money on your air conditioning bill when the weather outside isn't exactly cooperating. When the temperature outside reaches upwards of 80 degrees, it's so simple to turn the temperature on the thermostat down to keep you cool. There are other ways to keep you cool throughout those hot summer months without touching that dial and it may actually save you a few bucks. See below for some helpful tips on how to keep you cool this summer and save money on your air conditioning bill.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

If you don't have a programmable thermostat yet, go out and get one. You can actually set your thermostat to run on a schedule that fits your own personal needs. You can set the temperature higher during the day when you aren't home, or at night when you're sleeping. You can change the schedule as often as you need to and they are very user friendly. A newer thermostat is more energy efficient, as opposed to an old dial thermostat, which may also save you money in the long run as well.

Turn On Ceiling Fans

Use ceiling fans in rooms that have them, especially at night when you're sleeping. Be sure to change the rotation setting so it circulates the air properly. Read the manufacturer's directions that came with your fan (or the switch may tell you which setting to use per season). Be sure to turn off the fans when you aren't in that room.

Use A Whole House Fan

Whole house fans help to pull the hot air up and out through the fan in your attic. It also helps move cold air up and throughout your home, cooling down your home almost immediately. These fans are a great option to have in your home, however, the downside to these fans are they are usually quite loud. 

Open Windows

When it's cooler and less humid in the evening, open up the windows. Keep them open all night until morning, then close the windows again. This helps keep your home cool at night and by closing the windows, you can help keep that cold air inside your home.

Block Out The Sun

That warm sun may feel great sometimes, but it can turn up the temperature inside your home if you let it. Close the blinds, shades and curtains to block out the sun to help keep your home as cool as possible. 

These things can all help save you money on your air conditioning bill, but if your air conditioner isn't properly maintained, it can be working overtime and actually costing you money. Be sure to have your air conditioner inspected by a professional HVAC company before those hot summer months come to ensure your system is working properly.