Having Heating Problems With Your Boiler System? What To Know

If you have an old boiler system that has had continual problems, and you are thinking of replacing the boiler and getting a new furnace, this could be the smart choice. Not only is this a smart choice for homeowners, but it's a great investment for the home. Here are some of the reasons why people are switching from the old boiler systems to the new furnaces that are available through a local contractor.

Furnaces are Efficient

The new furnace systems are highly efficient, and you can find some units that work with over 97 percent efficiency. This is why many people are switching from the boiler to the furnace. If you are looking to reduce your heating costs and you need a new unit, an Energy Star labeled furnace could be the most cost efficient option in the long term for your home. New, efficient air conditioning systems can complement the heating system as well.

Parts are Easy to Order

Since furnaces are a more common option than boilers for homeowners, it easier to order the parts and for HVAC part retailers to have them in stock. This means if something goes wrong with the unit down the road and you need a heating system repair, you don't have to worry about the cost or part availability like you could if you had a boiler system.

Improve Safety in the Home

A new system compared to an outdated system can improve safety by reducing the risk of a gas leak or fire, or a leak that can occur with a boiler system. The new furnaces have many safety features to help keep your home safe throughout the winter while you are running the unit, which is the best if you want to protect your family and the investment that you have made buying the home.

If the boiler system that is running in your home isn't as efficient as you want it to be, the heat isn't regulated, and you don't feel like it works like it used to, consider the option of replacing it with a new furnace. The efficient options help to reduce spending throughout the year, and you won't have to worry about the old unit breaking down when the temperatures drop. Talk with a local heating contractor to see what unit they think will be the best for your home when you are ready to buy a furnace and what the cost will be.