3 Problems That Might Happen Without HVAC Maintenance

When your air conditioner seems to be working fine, you may wonder why you need to have it serviced. It may seem like a waste of time and money, but regular maintenance could save a lot of money by preventing costly damage to your HVAC. Here's a look at three things that could go wrong when you neglect HVAC maintenance.

Your HVAC Could Overheat

One thing the HVAC technician does is clean dust and debris out of the air handler. This is important because it improves the operation of the unit by allowing the parts to work easily. When the blower or vents are clogged with dust, the air handler has to struggle harder to work. This can cause it to overheat and when it does, the HVAC shuts down to protect itself. A dirty air handler could be the cause of a breakdown on a hot day.

The Air Conditioner Could Ice Over

Ice on the air conditioner is a fairly common problem that can be prevented with regular maintenance. If airflow is restricted by a dirty filter or if the evaporator coils are dirty, then ice can build up and cause your HVAC to shut down. Another cause of ice on your AC is a refrigerant leak. Checking the refrigerant and repairing the line if needed is one chore that's done when your HVAC is inspected each spring.

The Drain Line Could Clog

Water drains from your HVAC to the outdoors through a small drain. Sometimes, mold or other debris grows in the line and it needs to be cleaned out. If the debris is bad enough, the line clogs up and water can't drain. Instead, it backs up and spills onto the floor. If you don't know this problem is happening, the water can damage your flooring and cause mold to grow around the HVAC. The dampness could even attract bugs.

Not every problem with your air conditioner or furnace can be prevented with regular maintenance, especially when your HVAC is old, but you can prevent a lot of them. Some problems cause the need for expensive repairs, such as water damage to your floor. Any repairs needed or damage caused by poor maintenance is wasted money. Schedule an inspection in the spring for your AC and the fall for your furnace so you can ward off unnecessary damage. An HVAC preventative maintenance call isn't that expensive and it's worth the money spent to keep your air conditioner working through the hot summer.