Household Items You Can Use To Generate Heat During An Outage

The temperatures dropped, your heat system worked really hard, and your furnace stopped working. What do you do until the heating repair company gets to you for help? If you are stuck in your house during a heating system failure, things can be a little scary. However, the average household has some devices and household items hanging around that will generate heat. Take a look at a few of those items and how you can safely use them to stay warm until help arrives.

Hair Dryer - You probably won't want to leave a hair dryer running non-stop, but you can use this item to warm up a really small space, such as a closet or a bathroom, or to add some heat to specific things or areas. The hair dryer is made internally a lot like an electric space heater, so it can do a lot more than just dry your hair, such as defrosting windows during cold weather, warming up your blankets at night, or even heating up a pair of socks before you slip your feet into your boots. 

Candles - Candles don't generate a lot of heat, but they can definitely help a little in a small space in the house. If nothing else, place a few jar candles in a room to help you warm your hands if they feel chilled. In a really bad situation, just this amount of heat can help thwart frostbite. However, you can also use candles to make candle-powered room heaters that will do an even better job of offering heat in an emergency.

Clothes Dryer - Pull the exhaust house from its usual position where it would normally blow the heated air outside. Slip a sock or a pair of pantyhose over the end to catch any expelled lint and check it after each cycle. Catch up on laundry while the heat is out and take advantage of the heat that the dryer generates in the process. You could even gather up everyone and hang out in the laundry room for a while if you had to; you would stay perfectly warm. 

Crock-Pot - If you do not necessarily like the idea of leaving stock pots boiling on the stove, use your Crock-Pot instead. When the Crock-Pot is on a high heat setting, water inside will simmer slowly and release steam. As an added bonus, you can easily take the Crock-Pot to a small room so the heat supplied would be more ample. 

For more information, reach out to a heating contractor in your area.