Considerations When Picking A Commercial Heating System

If you are opening up a new warehouse, office, or other commercial building, you will of course have to make sure that your workers remain comfortable while on the job. To that end, you might be looking to install a new commercial heating system to keep the building warm when the temperature outside begins to drop. But picking a commercial heating system can be a bit more complex than picking an HVAC system for your home. To that end, here are some considerations to keep in mind.

How Extreme Does It Get in Your Neck of the Woods?

If you live somewhere where the winters are considered mild, you might not need to go all out on your heating system. But if it regularly drops below zero in your neck of the woods, you will want a system with some extra power. This is especially true if you have certain products or materials that need to be maintained at a certain temperature throughout your warehouse or building. A local commercial heating expert will probably already know just how much oomph you really need coming out of your heating system for your specific area.

Size Matters

Another consideration when selecting your system is how much room you have available physically to install the system and if you are OK with a higher energy bill from a larger system. Measure your roof, basement, and any other areas that might host heat pumps or other commercial heating components. Keep in mind that you want a system large enough to heat the building with ease but you don't want to go so crazy that you end up driving up the humidity indoors when it's not really necessary. Again, a commercial heating expert can assist.

Programmable Options Will Add Comfort and Savings

If you want to save on your energy bill, make sure your heating system can be adjusted to different temperatures in different rooms. For example, you might not need the conference room heated up all the way if you are only there for an hour at a time before everyone goes back to their main desk. A commercial heating contractor can help set up your air ducts, vents, and thermostats so that your heating system can be optimized and programmed for maximum efficiency.

Before installing a commercial heating system, be mindful of what you are storing inside the building and just how hard your heater might have to work to combat the temperatures outside. Contact a commercial heating expert today for more information.