A Squeaky Furnace Is A Sign Furnace Repairs Are Needed

Your furnace makes different noises as it kicks off and then rumbles back to life. Before long, you get used to the sounds and don't pay any attention to them. Then, when an unusual sound, such as a squeal or squeak starts happening, you may become alarmed. Unusual sounds coming from your furnace are not to be taken lightly. They might indicate your furnace needs repairs and that it isn't safe to keep operating your furnace. It's good to call a furnace repair company and schedule a visit so a professional can check your furnace. Here are a couple of common reasons for furnace squeaking.

Worn Blower Parts Can Cause Squeaking

A furnace repair professional can probably tell what's wrong with your furnace just by listening to the sound it's making. However, all you may know is that something isn't right. One part of your furnace that can wear down with age or malfunction due to being dirty is the blower. The blower moves air through the furnace and it consists of a fan and motor. It's possible for a belt to get worn, bearings to go bad, or components in the motor to fail. When that happens, there can be squeals and squeaks every time the furnace kicks on and the blower starts up and runs.

These sounds indicate your furnace needs to be serviced, and if repairs are not done soon enough, your furnace might stop working. The repair technician may need to lubricate the motor, replace worn out parts, or put on a new belt to solve the problem.

The Fan Is Scraping Metal

The blower can also make a lot of noise if the fan starts scraping against metal parts. This should only happen if the fan comes loose, so that's a serious problem that needs repairs right away. The furnace repair company may even tell you to shut the furnace off until a repair person can fix the problem. The sound you hear will probably be a loud squeal that's impossible to miss, so be sure not to ignore the sound or else damage could be done to the blower motor or fan. Damage that occurs will be more expensive to repair than if you shut your furnace down early.

The blower assembly has an important job when it comes to keeping your house warm. For it to function properly, the parts have to be in good repair and kept clean of dust and grime. Otherwise, you'll hear unusual squeaks, squeals, and shrieks coming from your furnace. Your furnace may even shut down as a safety mechanism and leave you in the cold, so call for furnace repair when you hear weird new sounds coming from your furnace.