Preparatory Measures For Replacing An AC

An AC (air conditioner) is an expensive investment that you shouldn't just wake up one day and install. If you want to replace your existing AC, you need to do your research and prepare for it so that everything goes according to plan, and you don't end up with regrets. The following are some of the measures you may need to do in preparation for the installation. 

Budget for the AC

The first thing is to determine how much money you have for the replacement. This is especially true if you have limited funds. An AC installation can cost as little as $2,426 or as much as $8,900. Therefore, you are on the right path if you have more than $3,000, but you need to look for more funds if you have less than $2,400.

Choose an AC Contractor

You also need to choose the contractor that will be handling the installation for you. The contractor should be licensed (by the state), adequately experienced, and have insurance coverage. It also helps to scour online review sites to find out the type of reputation your contractor has.

Size the AC

The next step is to get your cooling needs calculated so that you can size you're AC. You need to involve a professional AC technician in this calculation. The technician will consider various factors such as the size of your house, the number of windows and doors, local climate, and size of household, among other things.

Choose the AC

You will also need to choose the type of AC you want to install. Note that your new AC doesn't have to be a replica of the existing one; you can choose a different type. The typical ACs includes central ACs, ductless systems, split ACs, window ACs, and portable ACs. It might be that you are only familiar with the AC you currently have installed. Consult your AC technician to help you understand the pros and cons of the other AC types.

Get Permits

Most jurisdictions require you to pull a permit whenever you want to install an AC. Both you and the contractor might get into trouble if you execute the replacement project without the necessary permits. You can face penalties and even be required to dismantle the system if you do the work without the permits. Many AC technicians handle this side of the business on behalf of their clients. You just need to confirm that the permit is there before the work begins.

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