Heater Not Working At All? 3 Reasons Your Heater Has Failed

If your heater is not working, this can be caused by a variety of things. If you are not familiar with the heating system, you may be confused as to what is wrong. If so, you should hire a heating contractor to come to your home. Below are three problems with your heating system that the contractor may need to fix so you can have a warm house again. 

Problems with the Blower Motor Capacitor

One problem that can cause complete heat failure is a blown motor capacitor. This is due to the capacitor having problems, which is commonly due to age or the part itself failing. If this happens, the fan stops spinning. This is because the capacitor is what powers the fan and keeps it running. If you are having this problem, you will feel no heat at all coming into your home. 

A heating repair contractor can check your heating system to determine if you have a failed blower motor capacitor. If so, they can replace this part for you. 

Problems with the Blower Motor

If the blower motor itself is not running, this can be because you have a bad capacitor. In some cases, the motor dies due to a short in the windings, or the motor may just be worn out. The bearings may be seizing up. This can happen if the bearings become too dirty. If your bearings are like this, then you have likely been using cheaper air filters or running your heating system using no filter at all.

If you have annual maintenance done on your heating system, you will not have this problem. Your contractor can make sure you are using good air filters going forward and can clean the heating system for you. 

Problems with the Controls

If you have a furnace that heats your home and the furnace has control mechanisms, the furnace can stop working if one of the control mechanisms malfunctions. The kind of control mechanisms your furnace has depends on the model of furnace you have. If one of these mechanisms is not working, there is usually not a cause; it may have just gone bad. If this happens, the contractor will replace the bad control mechanism, and your furnace will start working again. 

If your heating system is old, the heating contractor may suggest that you replace it. This is because you will continue having problems, which can get expensive over time. For more information, contact a heating repair service.