Answers to a Few Sewer Line Repair Questions

The sewer line may be the single most important part of your plumbing system. However, you may not be prepared for when this part of the plumbing suffers failures or problems. Becoming more informed about the problems that the sewer line can experience as well as the repairs that you can have done to correct these issues can assist you with protecting your home and property from these plumbing problems.

How Can Roots Impact Your Sewer Line?

Roots are a common culprit when it comes to sewer line problems. It can be possible for sewer lines to attract roots to them as the roots may detect the moisture in the pipes. This problem is worsened if there are small leaks that can allow the soil surrounding the sewer line to become moist. Eventually, the roots will be able to force their way into the join sections of the sewer line or the small gap that allowed the leak to form.

If this problem is not repaired, large amounts of water will spill out into the yard. Additionally, it can be possible for these roots to completely block the sewer line. This problem can lead to all of the home's drains filling with wastewater.

What Will Happen If You Fail to Repair the Sewer Line?

Failing to repair a faulty sewer line can have major consequences for the home. While it is easy to focus on the plumbing problems that sewer line malfunctions can cause, these issues can also create other problems for the property. A common example of this can be the soil around the damaged section of the sewer line eroding. Depending on where this erosion occurs, it may be able to impact the foundation of the home, which can greatly increase the costs of repairing it.

How Should You Prepare the Property for the Sewer Line Repair Work?

Like with other major types of property work, there are some preparations that you should undertake. At a minimum, any objects that are in the vicinity of the sewer line should be removed. This can be difficult if you have heavy lawn decorations. However, these items will have to be moved to allow for the large excavation machinery to move into the area where it can be used to expose the sewer line. Therefore, some time should be taken to remove any tools, pieces of equipment, or other items that may be in the area. Some properties that are undergoing these repairs may also need the water supply to the home turned off, but this will vary from one home to another.

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