Air Conditioning Repairs: Why Is Your House So Hot?

If you can't cool down your house or apartment no matter what you do, reach out to an air conditioning company soon. Your cooling system could have one or more things wrong with it that you can't solve on your own. Learn why your house is so hot and how an air conditioning company can cool it down below.

How Did Your Home Become So Uncomfortably Hot?

Cooling systems should be able to remove most of the heat from a building, even on hot, sultry days. If your air conditioning system isn't removing enough heat from your home, it could have something wrong with the indoor unit's evaporator coil.

The evaporator coil doesn't sit out in the open. The piece actually lies somewhere inside the air handler or behind the unit's air filter. The air filter should shield the coil from dust and other debris. But if you don't change the air filter before it becomes heavy with dust, it can allow small clumps of dust to filter into the evaporator coil. The dust will slowly clog the coil and reduce cool air circulation through your home.

This is just one specific cause or reason for your hot home. If you allow an HVAC contractor to look at your home, they may find the problem right away.

How Can AC Technician Cool Down Your Home?

An HVAC contractor will need to troubleshoot the evaporator coil and several other components in your cooling system before they make any significant repairs. Along with a dirty evaporator coil, homes can become hot if there's:

  • a lack of insulation in the attic
  • poor airflow through the air duct system
  • low refrigerant traveling through the system

A contractor may also see if the outdoor unit is transferring heat out of the house. The outdoor unit's compressor and condenser coil can become compromised with dirt as well. Dirt can keep the parts from moving warm air out of the cooling system during the day. If the evaporator coil or condenser coil is responsible for the heat in your home, a contractor may give each coil a thorough cleaning. A contractor may charge the system's refrigerant as well.

If the attic lacks enough insulation to keep heat out of your house, a contractor may suggest you insulate your home better. A contractor can help you choose insulation that right for your home.

Learn how to cool off your home by contacting an air conditioning repair company today.