2 Noises Indicating A Potential Problem With Your Home’s Gas Heating System

Especially if you have had your home's gas furnace for a while, you have probably become accustomed to the normal sounds that it makes while it is operating. When you hear a short pop, for example, you know that the ducts connected directly to the unit are expanding and contracting from the temperature changes.

However, if you start noticing noises that you usually do not hear, you may become alarmed and wonder if there is an issue with the furnace. Below are a couple of noises that you should be aware of indicating a potential problem with your home's gas heating system which will need professional attention to fix.

1.  Clicking Sound Either When the Heater Kicks on or While Running

One noise that you may hear if there is a problem with your gas furnace is a clicking noise. The cause of the noise is often diagnosed based on what time within the heater's cycle it is heard.

If you hear the clicking when the furnace first kicks on, this usually means that the electric igniter is having trouble firing up. When the clicks occur while the blower fan is running, the bearings are most likely worn out. Whichever problem is causing the annoying clicks, you will need to have the issue fixed by a professional.

2.  Loud, Deep Rumbling Noise Whenever the Unit Starts Up

Another sound that may alert you to a potential problem with your furnace is a loud, deep rumbling noise. When this sound occurs, it is usually heard as soon as the unit starts up.

If your furnace rumbles, the burner may be having problems igniting all of the way. There could be a blockage that delays the delivery of the gas. After being forced through the holes in the burner and ignited, it will then make the sound. Since a clogged burner or gas line could be the cause, you will need a professional to clean out or replace it.

If you have noticed a clicking noise indicating a possible problem with the igniter or bearings, or a deep rumbling possibly due to a faulty burner, you should not attempt to make any adjustments or repairs yourself. Especially with a gas furnace, you need to have a professional determine the actual cause of the sounds so that the problem can be fixed safely. To schedule a service call to have your furnace inspected, contact an HVAC contractor near you who offers heating system repair services to set up an appointment.