2 Things To Do While Waiting For An HVAC Technician

It seems like every day is hotter than the one before. That means you really want your AC to work. Otherwise, your house will end up hotter than it is outside, and no one wants that. The best way to get it fixed is to call an HVAC technician to come and fix the problem, but it may take some time for them to get to your house, especially when it is hot. However, there are some things that you can check before the service tech comes to your home. They may get your AC working again, but even if they don't, you can tell the HVAC tech that you tried the following tips. 

Turn Off The Breaker

One thing you can do is turn the breaker that the AC is connected to off and on. Sometimes doing that will help to kind of reset the system and get it working again. If the breaker was off when you got to the box, try turning it on. If the breaker immediately turns off again, leave it in the off position until the repair tech gets there because that can be a sign that there are other electrical problems, and you don't want to damage your electrical system since that would be a very costly repair. 

Check Your Thermostat

You should also check your thermostat. You want to make sure that it is solidly in the cool or AC position. Sometimes the switch can look like it's all the way over, but it isn't. Try pushing it over to the heat position and then pushing it back to cool. When you are sure it is solidly in the cool, give it a few minutes to see if it turns on. If it does, that's good. If not, there are other things you can try with your AC. You can turn your thermostat all the way down to as cold as it goes. Give it a few minutes to see if that triggers your air conditioner to turn on. If the AC does turn on, then it may be that your thermostat needs to be calibrated or replaced.  

When it's hot outside, you want to be able to go inside and be cool and comfortable. When your air conditioner doesn't work, you aren't able to do that. You need to call an HVAC company to ask them to send someone out to your house as soon as possible, but you can do a few things while waiting. Reach out to an AC repair service near you to learn more.