Concerned About Your Oudated Heating System In An Old Home You Just Purchased? What To Do

Purchasing an old house that needs to be fixed can be a great way to put your own personality into the property, but buying a home with an outdated heating and cooling system can be costly. If you know that you need to update the HVAC system and that some of the components or appliances may need to be replaced, call the professionals right away. This is an area of the home where investing in the upgrades is worth the cost and smart for the home. Read More 

Heater Not Working At All? 3 Reasons Your Heater Has Failed

If your heater is not working, this can be caused by a variety of things. If you are not familiar with the heating system, you may be confused as to what is wrong. If so, you should hire a heating contractor to come to your home. Below are three problems with your heating system that the contractor may need to fix so you can have a warm house again.  Problems with the Blower Motor Capacitor Read More 

Preparatory Measures For Replacing An AC

An AC (air conditioner) is an expensive investment that you shouldn't just wake up one day and install. If you want to replace your existing AC, you need to do your research and prepare for it so that everything goes according to plan, and you don't end up with regrets. The following are some of the measures you may need to do in preparation for the installation.  Budget for the AC Read More 

A Squeaky Furnace Is A Sign Furnace Repairs Are Needed

Your furnace makes different noises as it kicks off and then rumbles back to life. Before long, you get used to the sounds and don't pay any attention to them. Then, when an unusual sound, such as a squeal or squeak starts happening, you may become alarmed. Unusual sounds coming from your furnace are not to be taken lightly. They might indicate your furnace needs repairs and that it isn't safe to keep operating your furnace. Read More 

3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Might Be Leaking

You don't typically expect to see water coming out of your air conditioner. Some amount of condensation is to be expected, but true leaks are a sign of trouble. If your air conditioner has sprung a leak, you should identify and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Here are three reasons your air conditioner might be leaking: 1. Your overflow tray is damaged. Most air conditioners contain an overflow tray beneath the evaporator coils. Read More