Solving Common AC Problems

When it comes to comfort and convenience, a functioning air conditioning unit is essential. However, despite the importance of regular AC maintenance and care, there are times when issues can still arise. Homeowners must understand some common problems affecting their AC systems so they know how to troubleshoot and resolve them as efficiently as possible. Problem: AC Unit Not Turning On  A frequent problem homeowners may face is an air conditioning unit that can not turn on or function. Read More 

3 Important AC Parts That Need To Be Cleaned During Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance involves a number of steps and each one is important for the proper functioning of your equipment. Some parts need to be serviced while others just need to be cleaned. Here are three important parts of your AC that need to be cleaned to prevent a breakdown over the summer due to grime and dust buildup.  1. The Evaporator Coil The evaporator coil is in the air handler. Read More 

7 Things Your HVAC Contractor Will Do To Keep Your AC Running Smoothly All Year Long

When it comes to keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly, regular maintenance is essential. While homeowners can do some tasks, scheduling professional maintenance at least once a year is vital. Here's how your HVAC contractor will keep your AC running smoothly all year long. 1. Check The Thermostat The thermostat is the control center of an AC system. It regulates the temperature in the home by turning the AC system on and off as needed. Read More 

Professional Heating Installation And Other Ways To Avoid A Voided Warranty

What could void your HVAC warranty? You're ready to schedule a heating installation service. But you want to protect your new investment. Before you buy, install, or service a furnace or air conditioner, take a look at what you need to know about manufacturer's warranties. What Is An HVAC Warranty? This type of contract is an agreement from the manufacturer of an HVAC product to provide protection against some types of breakdowns, malfunctions, failures, or other heating issues due to a defect in the equipment/machinery. Read More 

3 Possible Causes For Your Furnace Leaking Water

Most central furnaces don't use or produce water during normal operation, so it can be quite surprising to see water leaking around your furnace. There are a few uncommon problems that can cause liquid to pool on the floor around your furnace. Here are three possible causes for your furnace leaking water. 1. Flue Condensation In a conventional furnace, condensation may collect in the furnace flue if exhaust gasses cool too quickly. Read More