Signs of Problems with the Condenser of Your Home’s AC & the Likely Causes

The central air conditioning system in your home is made up of a lot of different parts and components. Primarily, most of these system components will fall into one of two categories: part of the condenser system (located outside) or the interior evaporator unit (usually inside the house). The condenser part of the system is responsible for "condensing" the hot air that is being pulled from inside the house and keeping the evaporator cool. Read More 

Air Conditioning Repairs: Why Is Your House So Hot?

If you can't cool down your house or apartment no matter what you do, reach out to an air conditioning company soon. Your cooling system could have one or more things wrong with it that you can't solve on your own. Learn why your house is so hot and how an air conditioning company can cool it down below. How Did Your Home Become So Uncomfortably Hot? Cooling systems should be able to remove most of the heat from a building, even on hot, sultry days. Read More 

Repairs For Frequently Encountered Water Heater Problems

Once a water heater starts to encounter problems, it can quickly devolve into the entire home being without a source of warm water. While this can be a serious problem to encounter, you may be able to make it easier to manage and correct by becoming familiar with a few of the issues that can be the most common source of significant water heater problems.   Blocked Vents A water heater will have a series of vents along its sides and these vents will need to be kept clear. Read More 

3 Possible Causes For The Ice Buildup On Your Air Conditioner Coils And Repairs That Could Be Needed

If your AC is isn't blowing cool air or if it stopped working completely, you may find that the coils are iced over. It may seem odd that ice develops on an air conditioner when the weather is warm, but it can happen when the coils get too cold. Once the ice starts to build, it keeps growing until your AC shuts down due to the buildup of ice. Here are three reasons this problem develops and the repairs your AC may need. Read More 

Answers to a Few Sewer Line Repair Questions

The sewer line may be the single most important part of your plumbing system. However, you may not be prepared for when this part of the plumbing suffers failures or problems. Becoming more informed about the problems that the sewer line can experience as well as the repairs that you can have done to correct these issues can assist you with protecting your home and property from these plumbing problems. Read More