3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Might Be Leaking

You don't typically expect to see water coming out of your air conditioner. Some amount of condensation is to be expected, but true leaks are a sign of trouble. If your air conditioner has sprung a leak, you should identify and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Here are three reasons your air conditioner might be leaking: 1. Your overflow tray is damaged. Most air conditioners contain an overflow tray beneath the evaporator coils. Read More 

Considerations When Picking A Commercial Heating System

If you are opening up a new warehouse, office, or other commercial building, you will of course have to make sure that your workers remain comfortable while on the job. To that end, you might be looking to install a new commercial heating system to keep the building warm when the temperature outside begins to drop. But picking a commercial heating system can be a bit more complex than picking an HVAC system for your home. Read More 

Think You Can Use Your Own Plumbing Snake? Avoid Making These Mistakes

Do you have a clog in your plumbing lines? If so, you may think that you can clear the clog on your own by renting a sewer snake. While it is entirely possible to clear a clog on your own, this is one job that may be best left to a plumber. Here are some problems you can run into when using your own sewer snake. Turning A plumbing snake is very flexible and can handle the twists and turns of your home's plumbing system. Read More 

What Factors Affect Air Conditioning Installation Costs?

When you need new air conditioning installed, you may wonder how much it will cost. Unfortunately, the cost of air conditioning installation services can vary based on many different factors. Here are a few of the factors that can affect how much you will be quoted and pay for air conditioning installation.  The Type and Size of System That is Being Installed There are different types of air conditioning systems that may be installed in your home. Read More 

Summer Cooling And How Poor Maintenance Affects Your Allergies And Your AC

With spring here, it is time to do AC maintenance and prepare for the allergy season and pollen. These are things that go hand-and-hand because AC maintenance or the lack there-of can cause problems with allergies and your cooling system. Here are some of the ways poor AC maintenance affect your allergies and your AC: Dirty Filters Causing Allergies and AC Icing Problems in Summer Dirty air filters are just one of the problems that you will have to deal with when it comes to your AC. Read More