Improving Your Home With A New Air Conditioning System

The air conditioning system that keeps your home cool will eventually reach the end of its lifespan, and this will lead to the system needing to be replaced. While there are many different types and styles of air conditioning systems that you can choose when making this upgrade, there are some factors that you may want to guide your decision process. The Occupied Square Footage Of The Areas Needing To Be Cooled Read More 

3 Common Furnace Maintenance Safety Checks

Scheduling annual furnace maintainance is about more than just keeping your house warm and your utility bills in check. In addition to ensuring that your furnace operates correctly, technicians performing an inspection or tune-up will also look for potential safety faults. Since many furnaces use natural gas as a fuel source, these safety checks are essential to protect your home and family. Every HVAC contractor will have their own routine and checklist for an inspection, but most will include checks for these three common safety issues. Read More 

4 Common Heater Repair Issues

There are so many things that can go wrong with your heater. That is why it is important to understand what are some of the most common heater issues, so if they ever come up for you, you will know how to address them.  Clogged Air Filter If filters on your furnace get dirty, your furnace is not going to be able to properly circulate air throughout the system. That is why it is so important to check the condition of your filters every few months. Read More 

2 Noises Indicating A Potential Problem With Your Home’s Gas Heating System

Especially if you have had your home's gas furnace for a while, you have probably become accustomed to the normal sounds that it makes while it is operating. When you hear a short pop, for example, you know that the ducts connected directly to the unit are expanding and contracting from the temperature changes. However, if you start noticing noises that you usually do not hear, you may become alarmed and wonder if there is an issue with the furnace. Read More 

Why You Should Consider a Specialized Radiant Floor System for Basement Heating

There are many options for adding radiant heating to an existing home, including hydronic and electrical systems. However, hydronic systems offer numerous benefits and can often act as the primary heat source for a room. These advantages make them ideal for adding heating to previously unconditioned spaces, such as unfinished basements. If you're planning on taking this approach, you have several options. The traditional method uses a vapor barrier, wire mesh, PEX clips and rails, and insulation. Read More